The smartphone revolution is growing stronger every day; with this in mind, savvy clinic and pharmacy owners must adjust their Web marketing to reflect this new digital reality. If you’re in the health care business, and you’re not currently taking advantage of social media to promote your company, you’re missing out on a vital means of connecting with millions of potential customers. The best way to make social media work for you is to use clever Web development to build your brand online.

Here are some ways that social networking can be used to give your clinic or pharmacy more impact on the World Wide Web:


Target New Clientele in Your Community By optimizing your website through proper Web management and Web development, you will be able to reach out to different ethnic groups and access a whole new pool of prospective customers. For example, the yearly holiday calendar may be used to attract community members from all backgrounds and walks of life.



Certain events, such as Chinese New Year, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, may be used as promotional gambits to entice all manner of clients. By tailoring your Web marketing to ethnic holidays and special events, you’ll make important new connections with men and women who may become loyal customers or patients.

A good Web development firm will configure your website with social media “sharing buttons”, comment forms, and other interactive elements that attract and inspire customers. Then, they will load your website with content that is related to holidays and other important occasions.


Tout Special Offers and Promotions – Using your corporate Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as promotional tools will be a great way to showcase your special offers and promotions. These social media platforms may be spotlighted on your business website; some companies choose to create WordPress blogs right on their websites…

These blogs may list all of your Facebook and Twitter “posts” and “tweets”, as they also offer new and existing clients an easy way to find out more about your business hours, staff, and corporate philosophy (mission statement). If you don’t have a blog, sharing buttons, and comment fields for each update or post, you’re depriving yourself of a key method of interacting with others.

The smartest pharmacy and clinic owners take great care to configure their websites for maximum interactivity; then, they use social media to direct Facebook “fans” and Twitter users back to their main websites.


Create a Social Hub at your Own Website – A skilled Web development team that specializes in helping health care companies to build more visibility online will be able to create a bustling social hub right at your own clinic or pharmacy website. These Web management firms use fresh graphics, interesting articles, and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to build more value into every page of your website.

Often, these Web developers will entice people to register at your website (which increases your direct mailing list numbers) by offering them exclusive offers and “member benefits”. Once you’ve built up a great mailing list of new and existing clients, you can use it to market your products and services. For example, monthly newsletters loaded with free, helpful health care tips may be used to create stronger connections with customers. Giving members access to coupons, free information, and other special offers is a wonderful way to create a vibrant social hub at your website.


Find the Right Web Development Company Today

Don’t hesitate…move your business forward this year by using social media to gain a foothold in the World Wide Web. With the right Web management team at your side, you can polish your online image and convert website visitors into loyal, paying customers or new patients.

The cost of Web development is very affordable, and it is the best way to get the most out of social media and the smartphone revolution…